Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wow..It's August already

Heyyaaa, jus to let you all know im still alive. Nothing much to say in fact. Lazy to upload photos too..haha...
Jus read thru my last post and looking at the resolutions i set for myself...only 1 or 2 has been achieved...4 months to go to 2012...need to be more hardworking to achieve all the goals i set..
Ga yao ar ah JOHN...nei dak gah!!=D
The new season for premier league has jus started yesterday, once again i hope that Man Utd will win the league..woohoo...and later today our national hero lee chong wei will play against Lin Dan in the world championship badminton final..hopefully he can be the 1st malaysian to win the tournament.
Kla...i think shud stop now..will try my best to update my blog more and upload more photos next time..though nobody will read..kakaka...ciaozz!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Coming to the end of 2010...

How should i start?erm...well...i just realized that i have 13 posts in 2009 and i have only 5 in 2010 (including this =.=") I am becoming lazier to update my blog nowadays. I am not going to give any excuse here. Its kinda waste of time and i have to admit that im just lazy=p

Sorry to say this, i cant actually recall what really happened months i will just update the important stuff happen in December...ehehe

1st of all...congrats to Sze gee & Raymond...and Benjamin & his wife...who got married and going to the next stage of their life....
also congrats to my lovely frens Lindsay...who is getting married on the 15 of Jan, 2011 and just had their ROM done on the 24th of Dec, 2010.

Here are some of the pics taken by me and i like them very much=)

Whats next then...erm...just a few more days and it will be a brand new year...mayb i can talk about my new year resolutions=D
1. Read 5 books. (Not comic ofcos)..Am reading 1 and shall finish at least 5 at the end of 2011

2. Buy a new camera flash (probably SB costs RM 1600!!! Buy a new lense as well if i being too greedy??=D)
3. Excel in work. ( Hard to explain this. I will judge myself)
4. Earn more money. ( I already have plans. Its not the time to tell. And hopefully it works=))
5. i wana have 4 packs at least (my abs i mean)..i hope i can achieve this before June. Show u all how i want it to be (look at pic below---not too big..not too obvious..just nice)

6. I think this is more like my friend's resolution . Get me a girl friend!!wahakakaka....really dont know why they are more desperate than me.
7. I have exactly 3 more days to think abt it=)

Before i end, i sincerely, deeply, madly wishing my grandpa to get well soon. His health condition's not been good lately. I really hope that he can get tru all these and resume the smiley face he always had on me.
Im kind of a person who doesnt like to express my love to my family members. I always feel that its like too fake to show my love for them.
But, for this time......
Grandpa, I Love U....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

welcome back!!

3 months!!...3 months since the last time i posted something back man...the john law is back!!!the happy and energetic john law....

And i need to announce here (out loud)...tat i have quitted FUJITSU....and joined Samsung jus abt a month ago...

Fujitsu- possiblities are infinite-----ya...nothing is impossible...many ppl who thought tat i wont leave gona know wat it really means......hehe....

Samsung---Turn On Tomorrow----turn on man...turn on...i already turned on myself man...yoyo~~yoyo~~wats up~~check it out~~

sorry...jus being too i said...the energetic john law is back in town!!

Previously (abt 3 months ago) i was so stress and down (at work) smiley face had kkakaka laughing sound had gone too....almos everything i thought i used to hav had all gone....
After some time...i asked myself....why should i suffering all these....i dont deserve tat...i definitely deserves i decided to change myself abit...and to change company.....i started it by going gym again...i know gym can make myself better and healthier...and if i can benefit from it and become dai zek....i can even gain some confidence from there....
Then, i started to look for new company...a higher pay and better organised is one of the brand in my mind...along with i contacted my frens who is working in these 2 seek for help...(luckily i have many frens...kakaka).....and i hav mentioned jusnow...i opted for samsung...

But, i need to let all of u know.....i left...not because i was scared....not becos i wanted to escape from pressure.....handling pressure and cope wif it is nvr an issue for me....i like being under pressure cos i feel challenging and excited whenever there is pressure.....
so its just the matter whether i deserve to be treated in such a way....back-stabbing me....saying things which are false....

Anyway, it's all gone....i feel lucky and happy that i have left lindsay...if u can..leave!!!!u always have a choice....good luck...take care...and god bless=)

- John Law

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Its May again...almost half of the year gone...premier league also gona end comes world cup...after that will be July d...time is "flying" damn fast for me at the moment....

Just a week ago i went back to my secondary school for Canteen Day,after nearly 10 years.....everything look so familiar for me...most of the teachers that i know are still, En. Supra, Pn. Kasma, Pn Ding...etc...some i couldnt even remember their name anymore....memories "flashing around" in my mind...i went to the place i like the most during my schooling time---toilet...the big mirror outside is no longer there...and the toilet had been renovated nicely(still dirty lar...hehe)......then i passed by my form 4&5 classroom....i feel like i could see chow hoong, meigie, jj, wei hoong, wen tsin still sitting at their place chatting if all the things were jus happened yesterday.....
then i continued walking around...passing by gelanggang serbaguna, with a computer block on it now...then football field, basketball court...brought me back all the sweet memories i had there....
I left school at abt 11 sumting...with a heavy heart.....i know....deep inside my heart....that i really miss those time....

My Class

Football field

Basketball court



P/s: Congrats to

1) Li Choong, who jus engaged wif jennifer this morning(i only knew it from facebook)
2) And sze gee, who is going to get married later this month....

Till then,


Monday, March 22, 2010 just lost

Nothing really special in the past few weeks. Besides working, it's still working. Perhaps my only entertainment is playing futsal during weekends and spend time with my family.

kena gao gao by my customers and boss for the past few weeks. Made me started to wonder am i really that bad? I used to be quite confident in work. Well the things happen for the past few weeks really made my confidence level dropped rapidly till i couldnt believe it's actually me.

Maybe im jus overated myself last time. Just being over confidence.

But anyway, though i was being screwed up nicely, i felt really happy. I can see my improvement right after that. Being more aggresive, better time management, have the sense of urgency...etc

Now i fully understand that obstacles and failures in life is just a force to move you forward.

Till then.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Time flies...really...had been talking so much about the Hong Kong trip before i went..and now im back!!

Tonnes of works waiting for me in Malaysia. 3 tender documents on my desk when i got back to work..really dun feel like working anymore after 9 days off and such a lovely nice if i could stay there for another month=).....but too tak de, clothes tak no choice have to come back....hehe...

Well well...overall a wonderful trip for me...nothing really special...probably it was too long ago since the last time i had my holiday trip....feeling extremely good spending time there with my precious frens....full of laughter and joy....too bad some of my good frens couldnt make it for the trip...that would be perfect if they could....

Went to many places in HK...below are those i've been to:
1st day - Dai Yu San, Nui yan street, Bo Hai street...
2nd day - Disneyland, Xing gong Dai dou...
3rd day - tong lo wan. Zhung wan, Tsim tsa zui, House of wax, Tai ping San...
4th day - Ocean Park, Miu Gai, Tai zi, Fa Yun Gai..
5th day - Free and!!!

Hk is really a good place to go to....especially for ppl like me...who is very good in cantonese speaking(start praising d) driver there was so surprise when we said we are from malaysia....some china lady even approached me and asked for the route to her destination(Really dun understand why ppls like to approach me and ask for help)......hahaha

There were some funny moments:

1. Venue: night market
Act. : Buying angpow

Kuih Ai: more can get cheaper price ar....
Boss : Buy more? How many u can buy? Buy all ar?Take all la..
Kuih Ai: ...............

2. Venue: Nui yan street
Act : Buying soft toy

Kuih Ai (again) : how much is the soft toy?
boss (female) : 30 dollar..
Kuih Ai : 25 can ar?
boss : big a man also wana nego price ar...okla okla...give u 5 dollar discount
Kuih Ai :.............
( He ended up buying 2 for 30 dollars in other store)

3. Venue: Bus Station
Act. : Buying ticket

Y. Huey: helo, excuse me...can i know whether we can take bus to this place??
Counter: Sure. Of course...7 years later lo
Y.Huey : Huh??Why??
Counter: We do not have the service yet
Y.Huey : .........

Get to know some new frens there...Zhun Yee's fren, So Li..who is a hongkie....Get Pei's fren, Evon...a malaysian working in HK....get to meet some old frens there too....Winnie, Hongkie, my colleague when i worked in UK....James, vincent's fren....Malaysian...we used to play futsal together last time.....

erm...i shud stop now i think...will let u all know more abt it in my next post...with our HK pics...=)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last month of 2009!!

Time pass really fast that its December again....its going to be 2010 gona come, new year gona come...woohoooo....looking back to years before....its like everything is still the same...but in fact many things have changed....especially my age....and also my look....duno why i look more handsome every year...kakakaka.....

i remember there were frens complaining abt my blog lack of pics....this time i gona post as many pics as i u one of my birthday pic 1st....

Pic taken outside logenhaus. After my birthday lunch. Look at my dad...gaya betul...

Last sat went to PC fair...and sun was my bro's 21st birthday u all some PC fair pics 1st.



ME and Chun wei



Mei Yan

Now its my Bro's 21st birthday pics.....