Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wow..It's August already

Heyyaaa, jus to let you all know im still alive. Nothing much to say in fact. Lazy to upload photos too..haha...
Jus read thru my last post and looking at the resolutions i set for myself...only 1 or 2 has been achieved...4 months to go to 2012...need to be more hardworking to achieve all the goals i set..
Ga yao ar ah JOHN...nei dak gah!!=D
The new season for premier league has jus started yesterday, once again i hope that Man Utd will win the league..woohoo...and later today our national hero lee chong wei will play against Lin Dan in the world championship badminton final..hopefully he can be the 1st malaysian to win the tournament.
Kla...i think shud stop now..will try my best to update my blog more and upload more photos next time..though nobody will read..kakaka...ciaozz!

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